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Features and benefits of a Mounted Clear Acrylic frame.

The Clear Acrylic Stand Off Frame can be used as a alternative high end poster frame. The high quality acrylic is crystal clear showing maximum clarity to displayed posters. The frame has magnets embedded into the acrylic holding the poster securely into place. It is secured to the wall by aluminium stand off mounts.

They are specifically designed for indoor use and is suitable for displaying posters, evacuation diagrams in public areas such as hospitals, community centres, movie theatres and shopping centres.

How do I update my graphics?

The sign is completely sealed on the bottom and posters are changed by separating the magnets and inserting the poster through the top of the frame.

How is the frame mounted?

The frame is mounted to the wall by 4 aluminium stand off mounts. Stand offs are 28mm long and 18.5mm wide.  All wall fixing and screws are provided and a allen key is included for attaching the stand offs to the wall.

What is the frame made of?

The frame is made from 3mm Acrylic.

Can I use this frame outdoors?

No it is recommended for internal use only.

What thickness paper can I use?

The frame can hold a poster with a maximum thickness of 1mm.






Paper Size mm

Frame Size mm

Paper Size mm

Frame Size mm


841 x 1189

873 x 1221




594 x 841

626 x 873

841 x 594

873 x 626


420 x 594

452 x 626

594 x 420

626 x 452


297 x 420

329 x 452

420 x 297

452 x 329


210 x 297

242 x 329

297 x 210

329 x 242

30 X 40 inch

762 x 1016

794 x 1048




*Visual Area is the amount of graphic shown

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